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Samil 1600TL inverter…. Dead.

Samil inverterMy Samil 1600TL inverter recently died under warranty.  It was showing a Relay Fault (red light) on the front of the unit.  After several re-initialisations, I rang the installer who immediatly started the warranty process.  The unit died on the 13/10/14 after operating since installation on the 28/2/13. That’s only 20 months.

It then took Samil close to 6 weeks to deliver a possibly refurbished unit to the installer.  The new unit was installed on the 24/11/14, then after switching on, happily started generating.  The RS232 monitoring was also plugged in during the re-install and also started logging without any modification to the scripts.  I loaded up pvoutput.org on my phone as the installer left and there were already records uploaded.  While on the subject of data logging, the Raspberry Pi has been running flawlessly with a current up time of 336 Days.  Touch wood!  I just log into it from time to time, to run a backup and check disk space.

Over and Out 🙂

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