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Samil 1600TL inverter…. Dead Again.

YES!!  My Samil 1600TL Inverter has died again.Samil inverter

This time it has lasted 23 months.  Note to self for future solar install…. Don’t use a cheap brand inverter. If you do, ask about an extended warranty out to 10 years and do the calculations.  I now have about 15 months left of my 5 year warranty left, because it includes the time waiting for a warranty approval from Samil and installation.  The warranty approval process normally takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  They must either have a lot of warranties to get through or its just a stalling tactic, as they don’t even come to inspect the inverter.  It was the usual “Relay Failure” fault, which seems to be very common.

Anyway, If I was you, I would steer well clear of these heaps of junk and buy quality!  Looking into the future, I think the next inverter will fail in October 2018 and with my warranty run out, I’ll be looking for a new inverter of a different brand.  The problem is, that the system will probably not have payed for itself now at it’s end of life.

UPDATE: Inverter was replaced again on the 20/12/16.  Nearly 1 month down.